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Ghement Statistical Consulting Company Ltd.
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Statistical Consulting

We are pleased to offer you expert statistical consulting advice for your data-driven needs, so that you can extract knoweldge and insights from your data and use them to make better decisions.

In particular, we can help you to:

  • Design efficient studies before collecting your data;
  • Prepare/review study proposals;
  • Devise an effective plan for analyzing your data;
  • Identify statistical techniques suitable for analyzing your data;
  • Clean and manage your data;
  • Conduct basic and advanced statistical analyses;
  • Formulate, evaluate and refine statistical models;
  • Produce compelling data visualizations;
  • Report and interpret the findings of data analyses;
  • Formulate study conclusions that reflect the study design, research objectives and statistical findings;
  • Prepare and review scientific manuscripts;
  • Design and implement Monte Carlo simulation studies;
  • Write user-friendly and interactive R programs which customize or automate statistical analyses and reporting.

The following methodological areas reflect the wide range of consulting projects we have worked on for our clients:

- Mixed Treatment Comparisons;

- Meta-Analysis;

- Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies

- Bayesian Applications

- Mixed Effects Models

- Generalized Estimating Equations

- Generalized Linear Models

- Generalized Additive Models

- Survival Analysis

- Competing Risks

- Manuscript Preparation and Writing

- Designing and Conducting Monte Carlo Simulation Studies.

- R Programming.

- Graphical User Interface (GUI) Development.


We will be pleased to accept credit card and cheque payments for our statistical consulting services.

If your employer or department requires you to receive an invoice before making your payment, please just contact us via e-mail at or telephone at 604-767-1250 or fax at 604-270-3922 and we will be happy to send you an invoice.

Otherwise, please click on our secure Pay Now button below to pay by credit card or with your PayPal account.



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