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Statistical Consulting

We are pleased to offer you expert statistical consulting advice for your data-driven needs, so that you can extract knoweldge and insights from your data and use them to make better decisions.

In particular, we can help you to:

  • Design efficient studies before collecting your data;
  • Prepare/review study proposals;
  • Devise an effective plan for analyzing your data;
  • Identify statistical techniques suitable for analyzing your data;
  • Clean and manage your data;
  • Conduct basic and advanced statistical analyses;
  • Formulate, evaluate and refine statistical models;
  • Produce compelling data visualizations;
  • Report and interpret the findings of data analyses;
  • Formulate study conclusions that reflect the study design, research objectives and statistical findings;
  • Prepare and review scientific manuscripts;
  • Design and implement Monte Carlo simulation studies;
  • Write user-friendly and interactive R programs which customize or automate statistical analyses and reporting.

The following methodological areas reflect the wide range of consulting projects we have worked on for our clients:

- Mixed Treatment Comparisons;

- Meta-Analysis;

- Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies

- Bayesian Applications

- Mixed Effects Models

- Generalized Estimating Equations

- Generalized Linear Models

- Generalized Additive Models

- Survival Analysis

- Competing Risks

- Manuscript Preparation and Writing

- Designing and Conducting Monte Carlo Simulation Studies.

- R Programming.

- Graphical User Interface (GUI) Development.


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