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How can we help you?

We provide you with expert training on the statistical software package R, which is freely available and offers you tremendous graphical and analytical capabilities along with a powerful programming environment.

We also provide you with 30 days of free course-related technical support following your training with us.

How will you benefit from our training?

Our training will enable you to attain your data analysis goals as efficiently, timely and stress-free as possible.

Public Training

Our public training is typically delivered to you in the form of three-day workshops.

Upcoming workshops are advertised on this website. Please let us know if you are interested in attending our upcoming R workshops and we would be happy to keep you updated on their dates and offer you priority pre-registration for the workshop of your choice.

Workshops consist of a series of short presentations and demonstrations followed by hands-on, interactive sessions.

As a workshop participant, you will be provided with:

  • A bound copy of the Workshop Notes;
  • A variety of Workshop Handouts;
  • A CD-ROM containing the electronic version of the Workshop Notes and Workshop Handouts, along with additional resources and all exercises used during the workshop;
  • Individual attention and a supportive learning environment;
  • 30 days of free course-related technical support following the workshop.

Private Training

We would be very pleased to offer private R workshops customized for your group at your premises. Please contact us to discuss the rates and request references.

The advantages of private training include:

  • Customization of content and delivery: Our private training is centered on topics that interest you and is specifically tailored to your skills and needs;
  • Flexible schedule and location: Our private training takes place when and where it is convenient for you;
  • Value: Our private training is a time-effective and cost-effective solution that will enable you to better tackle the data projects you are working on;
  • Technical support: We offer you 30 days of free software-related technical support following your private training with us.

We have offered private training to clients such as:


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